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2016 Jordan Retro 7 "Tinker Alternate"

2016 Jordan Releases Olympic 7 Tinker Alternate


A few weeks back we found out the Olympic 7's were coming out in 2016. They released back in 2012 so it was safe to assume the 2016 release would be the OG version or, with a long shot, the FTLOTG version. With the Olympics being this next year, a Olympic 7 is what we all expect to see.

Well it looks like next years release is going to be a "Tinker Alternate" version. Our first clue were the colors mentioned for the colorway; white, metallic gold coin, deep royal blue, fire red, and light iron ore. Jordan brand has changed the names and shades of colors before so I guess those colors could still describe a Olympic colorway.

Air Jordan 7 Retro 
White/Metallic Gold Coin-Deep Royal
Blue-Fire Red-Lite Iron Ore

Below is a picture of what my 2012's Olympics read.

We don't know what the "Tinker Alternate" is going to look like but it's going to follow a Olympic theme. This release will be what Michael Jordan's 1992 Olympic 7s would have looked like if Tinker Hatfield designed the colorway.

These sound like a Cop or Drop? 

 Update: 01/03/16

Here's the only leaked picture so far and they are beautiful. Tinker, you never disappoint

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